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Paket Wedding Hemat

IDR 45.000.000

Paket paling hemat yang ada di Bali. Siahkan pilih paket ini jika anda merasa sangat miskin dan tidak punya uang.

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  • 400 Porsi Paket A
  • 400 Porsi Welcom Dring
  • Rias Agung/Eropa
  • Photo Pre Wedding
  • Dekorasi
  • Kue Pengantin

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Q Which payment methods are supported?

For the moment we only support the booking and payment via bank transfer.

Q Can we change the order?

Your order can be changed within a period of H-3 before the wedding date by contact administrator.

Q Can I cancel or refund my order?

Cancellation of orders can be done within a period of H-5 before the wedding date.

Q Can we change the vanue of event?

You can change the date by H-7 before the wedding date by checking with the admin.

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